black leather sofa

Laying down on that great black leather sofa in a click

A black leather sofa can add instant luxury to any living space, but it is paramount to understand your options before buying one online.

Types of leather

Various parts of cows produce different kinds of leather. The best type of leather is full-grain leather that possesses natural hide texture and markings. Full-grain–leather is on the outer layer of the coat.

What to inquire when buying a couch

  • Ask about the drying process of the timber. Kiln drying is the best method for treating as it prevents the wood from curving in humid weather.
  • How the structure of the sofa was put up. The sturdiest sofa frames are made of hardwood frames and held with wooden dowels, metal brackets, and screws. Cheap sofa frames are constructed using nails, which is a less-durable method.

What to look out for in

  • Cheap sofas. Cheap couches may include split-grain leather on the back and sides of the seat, but the surface of the split-grain leather may be painted to resemble the appearance of high-quality top-grain leather.
  • Leather finishes. Some leather sofas get upholstered with a plastic material that is then finished with quality leather to give it a classic look of a real leather sofa. For instance, bonded leather is synthetic polyurethane sprayed with leather shavings and stamped with a pattern that mimics leather grain. Sofas made from natural leather get soaked in a dye that colors the leather both the inside and outside giving it a natural texture with a different color.

Cushion types

Most sofa cushions get stuffed with dense polyurethane foam, which is firm and durable. Softer pillows contain plastic foam and natural down. Pillows made of natural down only require regular fluffing, as they quickly loose shape.

Where to get a black leather sofa online

At Living Spaces, nothing exudes the comfort of a black leather sofa. Their leather couches come in a vast array of styles. They also offer different types of leather, like 100% top grain and eco-hide. Among the various styles of leather sofas in stock are the Winthrop, Axiom sofa, Haley Sofa, Beckett Sofa, and many more others.
Sofas and sectionals are the biggest online dealers in quality leather brands like Berkline, Lane, and Palliser. Their site guarantees a safe shopping experience thanks to Verisign®, the trusted name in e-commerce. Free shipping is in any part of USA. In the event the sofa displeases you, they have a 30-day return policy which is discussed online with their in-house customer service representatives.
The Sofa Store is a premier Baltimore leather store with a vast array of leather sofas. Choose from different leather qualities and designs at guaranteed low prices from their online stores. Their physical showrooms are in Towson and Baltimore. Their fully furnished leather stores leave nothing to imagination. Their leather seats come from North America. Their delivery staff deliver, remove the packaging, and set up your leather couch where you want it. Free delivery is within 75 miles from their Sofa Stores or Big Screen Stores. On several occasions, they have clearance sales like this one.

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