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Are You Ready For Black Friday?

Tomorrow it’s that day after Thanksgiving when American people are going crazy by the great deals and sale items of big brands and a lot of shops. But not only America is ready for Black Friday. Also a lot of Dutch shops will join the American hype tomorrow.

Black Friday grows in popularity in the Netherlands

A new trend because a few years ago there wasn’t much attention for this craziness because of the fact that Dutchies don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But this year 21 different shops will join online and show you there best Black Friday deals. Comparing it to last year, there were only 2!

Probably Black Friday grows in popularity for the reason that it’s the good part of the year. People are getting ready for some serious shopping (especially from the moment when ‘Sinterklaas’ – the Dutch Santa Claus – is coming to town). From that moment stores are promoting a lot more for Sinterklaas and Christmas gifts. Black Friday is a perfect opportunity for retailers to get more attention for all their sale items.


Want to know which Dutch stores will join Black Friday and come up with good deals? Go and check it out soon on Black Friday Nederland, because tomorrow the 27th of november it’s your only chance!


Black Friday 2015 craziness
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