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A blog about one color. Or actually, a blog about ‘no color’. We have not found it before. That’s odd when you think of it, because there is a lot going on when it comes to black.

The color black has a number of symbolic meanings and especially is known for attributes that we link mainly to negative emotions, such as darkness and mourning. Yet, at the same time black is used en masse in the interior styling and fashion world and we also think that driving a black car is classy. We like to read our text black on white, like to say that a little black dress is timeless and ‘safe’.


So what was the deal again then with it’s actual color? We usually add black to our color palette, just like white, but in fact, we can’t call black a color. It simply just isn’t! We perceive something as black when in fact all the colors of the light beam are being absorbed by the object.

Some people only choose black. The dining set has to be black, the towels in the bathroom, the gift paper. Others enjoy a little more of color in their lives but accentuate with some black objects.

Whether you are a big advocate of black or are in the middle of a hate-love affair with it, our blog will provide a broad range of black (and degrees of black… 50 shades of black!) products that certainly don’t have to influence your mood. That we like black ourselves should be obvious at this point if you dedicate a blog fully to it, but at the same time we mainly want to make your life easier in your search for the greatest black products that look great together!


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