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All About The Black Bikini (and where to get it)

The ultimate go- to item that is considered timeless in fashion, affordability, sheer sexiness and comfort during the summertime for women is none other than you guessed it- the black bikini! With so many individual styles and fits, there is always a bikini for every woman that will flatter with style and comfort.

From high-waisted to Brazilian and traditional bikini bottoms, paired with triangular tops, bandeau styles, and sportier models, there is bound to be one or more in every woman’s summer wardrobe. In any case, it is a fail-safe item that every woman should have handy for the beach or underneath cute summer frocks or paired with adorable cut off shorts. With so many cute and trendy options out there, how can a woman possibly choose just one?

Choosing the perfect black bikini

One main consideration to keep in mind, is that although a woman wants to look sexy, a bikini should always be make with durable material built to last. No one wants to wear a flimsy swimsuit that can’t hold up during the summer months, or wears out its shape after only a couple of uses. There are too many websites out there that promise beautiful suits that become worn out after only a short while. So, having done some research, here are some wonderful suggestions on where to start.

And where to get it

There are always your standard go to stores that always carry great quality bikinis. Victoria’s Secret has always been a top seller of swimsuits, but since rumor is going around that they may no longer be selling swimsuits, don’t fret. PacSun is also a wide carrier of black bikini style swimwear at reasonable prices, and extremely fashionable new styles.

One of the newer and extremely fashionable websites is Doll. Their selection of black bikinis is like no other, for every body style, and with excellent prices. They also carry a large array of cover-ups to compliment your new suit, and are made for women of all sizes. They also have sizing charts to help you pick out your ultimate fit, and their return and exchange policy is more than fair if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Venus is also considered one of the hottest sellers of women’s beautifully crafted and durable swimwear. With reasonable prices and trendy new looks every season, there is always something new to discover at this tantalizing site. These suits are by far some of the sexiest and most flattering swimwear women have ever had the privilege to have access to!

Final tips

To make sure your suit fits properly, try the following tips for ultimate comfort, and ultimately, avoiding embarrassment:

  • Lift your arms over your head to make sure the top does not rise up.
  • Do some lunges… do the bottoms ride up too much?
  • Relax your shoulders. Are your straps falling off?
  • When you lower your arms, are the sides of your breasts falling out?

These are just a few things to keep in mind to make sure your choice is the right fit for you! We have selected some models from our webshop that might fit you taste and approval too. Be sure to check them out.

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