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I See A Bathroom And I Want To Paint It Black


Ever since indoor plumbing became the choice for discerning homeowners, the primary color of fixtures in the bathroom has been white. As time went on pastels crept into the mix and evolved into avocado and mustard in the late 20th century. These days bright colors are more commonplace than ever before, but few people consider black as the right color for their bathroom.

While there are black toilets and tubs on the market, the easiest way to introduce black into your powder room is through paint, tile, furniture, and accessories. Contrary to popular belief, black walls do not leave a room feeling small and cave-like. However, they can prevent the harsh glare of satin white reflecting light back into your early morning eyes.


Start With the Walls With Many Shades of Black

Black tile can range from a mottled charcoal stone to glossy glass depending on your personal tastes. Black paint comes in various shades from grungy gray tones to midnight blue-black. The subtle differences lend a certain style to the room, whether you prefer an industrial look with exposed pipes and rough surfaces, or a sleek modern aesthetic with gleaming fixtures and less ornamentation.

If you intend to paint the walls yourself, consider using painters tape to mark off blocks of the wall to create a unique pattern or use multiple shades of gray too. This not only makes your bathroom look more interesting, but can also lessen the harshness of solid black.

The Popularity of Black Furniture Extends to the Smallest Room

Instead of all black walls, consider a large furniture-style vanity and wall-mounted mirror with a thick black frame. Using black in the bathroom does not preclude also using white or even those classic pastels. As in other rooms of the house, black furniture is very popular these days. Set against a glossy white tile or beige stone, the cabinets and under-sink vanity can certainly make a bold statement.

A Subtler Hint of Darkness for a Black Bathroom

If your redecorating budget does not allow for extensive renovations or all new fixtures, introduce black bathroom accessories into the master bath or powder room. Start with black soap dispensers and toothbrush holders and move on to wall art that incorporates black. If solid darkness feels too overpowering for you, try black in a bold pattern instead.

No matter what look you prefer for your home’s most frequently used rooms, from spa-like serenity to ultramodern glam, consider a black bathroom as a smart stylistic choice.

Photo: David Cohen

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