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Black Design Talk With Gelareh Alam


We love cool brands and especially for our fans of black design we collect the best ones! Sometimes you find a designer with exactly the same sense of style as we love! All black! Therefor we proudly present Gelareh Alam!

San Francisco based designer ‘power pieces’ worn by Missy Elliot, Prince and Avril Lavinge

A intriguing black and white invitation for Paris Fashion Week arrived in our mailbox. Curious about the brand and the designer behind it, we asked if there was any interest to share ‘a black story’. Why?  Because we’re always up for meeting new people and especially designers with a passion for the color black. What makes this color so special for Gelareh Alam and her black designs? Take a look at her website and you will notice that it’s almost one of her design principles. Read the whole interview with this passionate designer!


When we take a look at your designs we see that we have one thing in common… the love for the color black. What can you tell us more about your brand?

Black is the color of elegance and mystery in general, it’s classy and modern, chic and edgy all at once.
To me, black is the color of freedom as well as protection. Black is a forgiving color and it is perfection because it contains all colors.

What are other requirements (besides the color) which are important for your designs and collections? 

I am sculptural designer, I love creating textures and techniques, and love to combining different types of fabrics with leather to create layers, silhouettes, and shapes.
Black is like a blank canvas for me to paint on, it’s the best platform for me to create on, and it allows me to make very detailed artisanal pieces which stand out at the same time as blend in.

We noticed that a lot of artists worn Gelareh, do you have a specific muse?

I am an elemental designer, inspired by the juxtaposition of natural forces: tension & resolution, feminine & masculine, past and future, and the balance between conflicting energy.
Generally I am inspired by the feeling of empowerment, and being bold and free. My muse is anyone who is not just beautiful outside but they are more beautiful inside. I am inspired with people who live their life with absolute truth, who celebrate their individuality with no fear. My goal is to create pieces that can bring that power within each person out more to the surface, because we all have the badass inside of us.  I use my social media and marketing efforts to celebrate badass women and people who embody triumph over fear, conformity, and the status quo.

In what way do you prepare for such busy weeks as Paris Fashion week?

It’s a busy time for us. I have lots of help from my team, setting up meetings, arranging events, prepping the line and all of the support materials we need to be successful.  A fashion week is more of a marathon than a sprint, and preparation goes into it long before the travel is even booked.  I am lucky in that I have a lot of people supporting me and helping me to focus on what is most important: correctly communicating the essence of my designs and being an example of the empowerment I promote in an authentic and sustainable way.

What do you think about your designs and the color black in five years from now? Still a perfect combination?

Well, as artist I do not want to limit myself to anything and I like to explore many styles and many form. It’s possible that I may be ready to explore different colors in some point…  but I am very loyal to black, as I have been pretty regularly through my career.

Do you have any cool tips on how to wear and combine your fashion/black fashion? 

Black is one of the easiest color to put on in my opinion, you can wear black with almost any accent color.  You can dress it up with dramatic styling, and make a bold statement when you walk out your door, or you can dress it down and wear it more regularly as an identity piece.  All of my major pieces are statement pieces though, which is what Gelareh is known for.

Check out the inspiring black design collection yourself and discover the world of this special designer!

Black design fashion Gelareh Alam Black design fashion Gelareh Alam black design pant by Galareh Alam IMG_7004+(1)+copy IMG_7137+(1)+copy IMG_7234+(1)+copy


IMG_7345+(1)+copy Torza+Long+Dress+1 Var+Shoulder+Dress

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