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Black macarons recipe

Black Macarons Recipe!


Probably no words needed. These black temptations. A friend of DCB introduced us once these little (can I say this without deprive this delicious snack) cookies. The real Laduree one! Not only that coloured cookie was delicious, eating it was like an experience with that cute little box in front of me. For the ones who’ve been in Paris and were lucky to eat it over there.. do you get me when I talk about experience?

Black macarons recipe: sweet cookie with style

Eating a so called macarons (named after the Italian word for paste ‘maccarone’) is about tasting luxurious food. So, if you will meet up friends, family or colleagues and want to bring something different than wine or flowers, go and find a good patisserie for some (finger linking’) macarons!


And of course, order them in black!

Laduree a bit too expensive? If you’re a (wannabe) cook, give it a try yourself. The following link gives you the recipe for black macarons! Jummy!

Black macarons recipe – click here!

Selectie macarons.001

(Photocredits: http://www.projetnoir.com/work/projet-noir-luxury-macarons-packaging/ & Pinterest)

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