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Coachella Festival! Check Our Outfit Inspiration Guide!


Coachella festival starts today!

In a few hours probably the most popular festival of the world will start! Coachella festival 2016! Great music, but especially… great and good looking people are the reason to join once! It’s a pity our head quarter is based in the Netherlands otherwise we would be there for sure! 😉

So, our solution to be part of it in a different way is to share some stunning pictures with you. If you’re a lucky one and will join the big party overthere but still in doubt about your outfit… ? Use our black fashion festival guide for loads of inspiration! And if you have to deal with all the Instagram pictures and Youtube movies like us… don’t be sad. Probably summer will bring spectacular festival parties for you too!


Good times. Good music. Good memories.

Festival outfit inspiration

Although we see a lot of color when we Google ‘Coachella outfit’, we prefer the more stylish option which is of course… BLACK! Our top five reasons why you should wear all black festival outfit!

  1. Black is never wrong! A safe option to look stunning, stylish and sexy!
  2. Even when you’re not top fit at the moment, black will make you look slimmer!
  3. Festivals focus mainly on a ‘rockabilly’ and ‘alternative’ look and feel. There’s no color better than black to express this look!
  4. If you’re in doubt about your outfit, maybe because you just have a stunning skirt or top (but don’t know how to combine it?), make it easy and wear all black! Even when your outfit is totally the same color it’s not boring! It’s a statement!
  5. For sure a photographer will ask you to strike a pose! Between al these festival colours other visitors en trendwatchers will notice you and your black outfit!

Have fun and enjoy festival season! 

Coachella festival 2016.002 Coachella festival 2016.003 Coachella festival 2016.004  Coachella festival 2016Coachella festival 2016.006

Coachella festival 2016.005Coachella festival 2016.007 Coachella festival 2016.008

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