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Smeg FA860AS

Keep it cool with the Smeg FA860as

‘Technology with style’ is the tagline of the Smeg logo. And that is a claim with reason, as the Italian based home and kitchen appliances company has been producing with style long before DCB started blogging about style… You could say Smeg has style at the roots of its designing process. Keep it cool with...Read More

What the hex?! It is a tie by Enrique Alejandro Peral

‘Dare to be different’ is something easily said, much harder to be done. For Enrique Alejandro Peral, it means producing hand-crafted revolutionary hex tie’s that are ‘to each his own’. What the hex?! It is a tie by Enrique Alejandro Peral Peral, with the quite different background story as he was born in New York,...Read More

Design by Marjo Kranenborg: Minimalistic and all black

Marjo Kranenborg; especially well known as a stylist in the Netherlands but beside that (which we like even more), she is a stylist with a huge passion for black and the designer of a perfect leather dress. She is wearing black for the past 25 years and the founder of her own label BLCK. “I...Read More

Feels like home! Black interior styling

Let us inspire you by some random but very cool black interiors (if you ask us). Who said black is not done in your home? Try to experiment, but always keep in mind that light is very important when you ‘want to paint it black’. Wether it is a wall in your bedroom or a...Read More
David Bowie Backstair

Blackstar is here to stay

DCB is in mourning. Music and style icon David Bowie has left. But his albums are here to stay. And his last was certainly not his least. Blackstar is here to stay Blackstar is David Bowie’s 28th studio album and his first since stunning the world in 2013 with the critically acclaimed The Next Day....Read More