Join in on big ambitions

As of now, DESIGN CODE BLACK might be relatively small in the fashion and design blogosphere… but we have big ambitions. We are a team of young, style-minded writers and are eager to grow our following. As we want to spread our love for good design in combination with the timelessness attraction of the mysterious ‘color’ black, we are always looking for interesting partners that can help us fulfill this ambition.

Set yourself apart from the rest

In an increasingly visually attractive digital world it can be hard to set your brand or slogan apart from the rest. That’s why shooting at an angle always works best while promoting your work. Our angle can’t be much more clear to our dedicated readers and that’s exactly where we add value: style in display… but always in black. Associating with other big brand and names from other industries can be a serious influence on your marketing message.

For companies

If you are serious about working together as a company with our passionate team of writers, please contact us via info@designcodeblack.com. There are several options and we are happy to propose them. In addition, by inquiring you can receive information on some solid metrics of our platform.

For writers

If you are a talented writer in the fashion, design or home decoration scene, then we would appreciate a message from you. We are always looking for talent that want’s to partner with us. After initial screening we could offer Guest Post positions, so you can write about your expertise and present yourself in the author box display. This would be a great opportunity for both parties to elevate their online presence. Another possibility would be to become a permanent member of our Editorial Staff, providing you are qualified our selection criteria and are willing to work on a pay-per-article basis. In any case, we would be delighted if you contact us via info@designcodeblack.com.