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In Search Of Great Black Leather Boots

Here’s how you can find great black leather boots

Black leather boots are a staple in any wardrobe. They go great with almost every outfit, from jeans to dresses, and can be dressed up or down. They look great with every figure and every skin tone, and come in several different styles, from bootie to over-the-knee. But how do you find the pair that’s perfect for you? Ahead, find some great tips on what to look out for when buying black leather boots online, and how to find the best kind.

Shop Early

Many of us don’t start building our seasonal wardrobes until the season actually starts, but a little advance planning will help you build a great closet and also score some great boots at a serious discount. While sneakers start going on sale in November and April to make room for winter boot styles, spring is a great time to score discounts on boots, as their season is ending and retailers are looking to make room for flats and sandals.


The highest quality boots are often the most expensive. If you’re looking to score big at a high-end retailer, look for the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Women and Kids, which starts in May of each year. The Half-Yearly Sale for Men starts in June of each year. There is also another sale in November and December. There is also the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, one of the largest sale events in the industry, that happens every July.

Time of the week also matters when you shop online. The best time to buy boots and shoes is on Wednesdays, when you can score a pair of awesome boots for about 40% less, according to Shop it To Me, an online shopping sales aggregator.

Shop Wise

But even if you’re making sure to shop the sales, there are some things you should be looking out for when buying boots online. Above all, look for quality over quantity – you may find a few pairs that look super cute, but fall apart after just a week of wearing them. Look for boots that are comfortable and have a stable tread. Brands like Ralph Lauren and Sam Edelman offer boots that don’t sacrifice comfort for style. SKECHERS and Style & Co are good lower-end boots that give a high-end finish to any outfit.

Stay True To You

There are a plethora of black leather boot options out there, but stay true to yourself on the hunt for the perfect pair. One woman’s ‘must-have’ could be your ‘must-not.’ Follow your own intuition on what looks best with the outfit you have or are trying to build, and your closet will be a great reflection of who you are.

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