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This Is How You Shop The Best Black Bar Stools


Whether you have bar-style seating or a pub table, you may be looking for stylish black bar stools to add to your space. Black is a classy, bold color that is commonly used in home décor, and this means that you have access to many incredible styles of bar stools in this hue. If you are preparing to shop for new bar stools for your space, consider these tips to help you make your buying experience more productive.

Determine the Right Height

One of the most important factors that will influence how functional your bar stools are for your space relates to their height. Bar stools are between 18 and 30 inches tall in most cases. Ideally, the bar stool height will be approximately 12 to 15 inches below the surface of your table or counter top. This will ensure comfort and functionality while you sit on the stools.


Consider Bar Stool Features

There are a wide range of styles that you can consider when shopping for black bar stools. For example, there are basic bar stools with a round swivel seat, saddle back bar stools and even bar stools with a chair back and arm rests. While those with a chair back and arm rest may be more comfortable to sit on for a longer period of time, they can be a hassle to climb in and out of in a tight space environment. In addition, consider the type and location of the foot rests in the stools.

black bar stools 2

Always consider your bar stool features.

Choose a Look Suitable for Your Home

The functional aspects of the bar stool height and features can help you to quickly eliminate some options. However, the style is also critical to consider. These will become permanent fixtures in your space, and consideration about their style should be just as significant as if you were buying a new sofa or dining room table for your home. Styles available range from modern and contemporary to rustic, traditional and more.

Shop Online for the Best Selection

After completing these steps, you likely have a good idea about the style of bar stools you are searching for. The next step is to locate the best price available on your bar stools. Shopping online is a great idea as you can easily compare prices from different sources. When shopping online, pay attention to taxes and shipping fees in order to locate the most affordable option available.

Bar stools are a space-saving feature that can add extra seating and functionality to your space without taking up a considerable amount of floor space. If you are preparing to shop for new black bar stools for your home, follow these practical tips to make the best buying decision possible.

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