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Spring Is Here. Shop Your Black Sunglasses Now!


Black sunglasses selected by DCB

Bye bye winter, hello spring! Finally we spotted some sunshine trough the clouds and it will not take much longer till we spent our free time outside. So be warned and shop your new black sunglasses in time. As you know, we make it possible to shop your black items easily, by selecting all kind of black design products at our marketplace. So don’t wait any longer and take a look at this collection of black sunnies.

Favourite black accessories

Altough sunglasses are very liable to trends in fashion, everybody should have a simple, stylish and sophisticated black model. Don’t feel quilty, but invest in a good one because it’s worth it. Why? You will pay definitely for more quality and of course, good UV protection. Classic brands with beautiful glasses are Ray Ban,  Chanel, DKNY, Versace and Michael Kors for example. We find them in every shape and every style. Glamorous, modern, sophisticated, classic… whatever you want! Okay.. but how to choose? Important when you’re looking for black sunglasses is to analyse the shape of your face.


We found a perfect tool to make up which model will be perfect for the shape of your face. At this website (as we are Dutch bloggers, we selected the Netherlands as our country first) we did the test. By using your webcam it’s possible to ‘import’ the shape of your face. Only thing you have to do is follow the step by step explanation. Finally you’ll see a personal selection of the brands and models which will fit best to you. Very useful if you ask us! Use this tool here.

Budget black sunglasses

But, if your financial situation isn’t that positive to buy a timeless Ray Ban, don’t worry. At our marketplace we offer simple, but affortable black sunglasses for everyone. You find a small selection below! We’re very curious to your favourite brand and glasses. Already bought something for summer? Show us and share your sunny selfie with Design Code Black at our Facebook page! Check out our social media links at our homepage.

You can shop these glasses and many more at our marketplace! HERE

Photo: Mohammad Metri

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