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AGM Devil

Take A Ride Into 2016 With The AGM Devil!

AGM has become a bigger player in the international mobility and scooter market the recent years and that unmistakably has to do with their models. They have an eye for popular demand and launch this december their latest edition of the retro Caferacer range: the AGM Devil!

The entrance of Chinese scooters

A decade ago AGM was just another player in the crowded European scooter market. As many Chinese fabricators the question at that moment was: how will these new budget models compare against traditional Italian fabricated models like Piaggio and Aprilia? Most Chinese models did enjoy a small succes on the market but then noticed a drop in sales as most new, young drivers preferred a low buying price but then noticed the relative high maintenance costs of these models. Unlike Kymco, most traditional models could not match European quality in the production process.


Retro mopeds

Retro styled models of Piaggio and Aprilia like the all-known Vespa and Habana have always done great on the European market and a lot of Chinese fabricators believed that succes simply had to do with copying these models, while offering them at a lower price. However, just as was mentioned before, reasonably well priced in the store does not automatically guarantee a reasonably well price deal over a time span of three years for example. However, it can’t be argued that the last couple of years the number of retro styled mopeds and scooters has grown significantly. A combination of desire to the ‘good old’ days of cafe racing and mainstream hipster-influence probably hinted AGM to position itself even extremer in this market.

AGM Caferacer 50, AGM Caferacer 50 Luxury and AGM Devil

Cafe Racer 50


Cafe Racer 50 Luxury



As the popular Vespa and Habana naturally has a more female oriented client base, AGM clearly focuses know on the male client base that has a affection for retro styled models. Only recently AGM launched the (original) Caferacer 50. In addition, it upgraded some paint and material and gave it a subtle sportier steer to come up with the AGM Caferacer 50 Luxury.

This december it is launching the AGM Devil as the bad brother of the two mentioned before. It has a even darker and grittier look about it and is styled as a true, classic cafe racer.

devil1 devil2 devil3

Check out the specs and availability (for the Netherlands) here!


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