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Venice Art Biennale Review And Black Treasures


Do you love art? Do you understand the meaning of it? What is contemporary art for you? These questions are often asked in the community of well-educated people, who are seeking everything new. People, who are coming to the annual Venice Biennale, are the ones who are extremely passionate about art and everything connected to that. If you are new to this sphere, no worries, we’ll give you a base for deep conversation about it…

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What is it?

The Venice Biennale is encountering over 120 years of history, which automatically gives it a right to be the most prestigious cultural and art institution in the world! It was established in far 1895 when the first International Art Exhibition was organized. It now has more than 500 000 visitors.

The first International Art Exhibition of the City of Venice, the Pro Arte Pavilion. Photo from labiennale.org (1895)

In 2019 the grand Art Exhibition is happening from 11th May to 24th November and is entitled as “May you live in the interesting times”. This phrase is mistakenly known by the public, as an ancient Chinese curse. Fortunately, “interesting times” are exactly the ones we’re living in right now and we’re really happy about this fact.

So, what’s interesting?  

Chinese Pavilion Re-睿, which symbolises wisdom. Photo from labiennale.org (2019)

Almost every country of the world is representing their piece of contemporary art in the special pavilions, around the city, and in The Venice Giardini. Except from national pavilions, this year event unites 79 artists from around the globe.

It’s not a secret, that nowadays literally anything can become an art object. So, the contemporary art exposed in Venice right now is uniting a lot of forms from classical sculptures, paintings, photographs, installations to innovative ones, like audio-visual art, augmented reality and artificial intelligence!

So, what about black?

Of course, for readers of our blog, we should concentrate our eyes on black colors and fascinating artworks from the Venice Biennale 2019 and the previous years.

Photo by Andrea Merola

Sculpture ‘Liberty’ on the entrance of the US Pavilion (2019) by Martin Puryear delivers the message about history, race, and the struggle for freedom. The spiral here is an old symbol of the movement of history.

Photo from theveniceinsider.com

The dark photographs of Dirk Braeckman in the Belgian pavilion (2017).  Thanks to the manipulation in his dark room, Dirk Braeckman creates lots of subtleties in his work, so it starts to look like a painting.

Photo Credit: Awakening/Getty

A bronze sculpture “Demon with a bowl” from Damien Hirst’s exhibition ‘Treasures From The Wreck Of The Unbelievable’ at Palazzo Grassi (2017). Considered as the most fantastic solo exposition of that year, it included hundreds of objects in gold, marble, and bronze. The artist told a legend, that the objects were found on a buried ship more than 2000 years ago, which actually was only Hurst’s imagination.

Photo credits: Lisa Walsh | innerspace

Paintings by Daniel Boyd made with oil, charcoal, and archival glue on polyester (2015). Boyd’s stark, monochromatic canvases might appear abstract, but actually, they are not. It’s a visual representation of historic ‘stick maps’ which seafarers on the Marshall Islands used to navigate the ocean.

Photo by VernissageTV

Installation by Mark Bradford: Tomorrow is Another Day / Part of U.S. Pavilion, Venice Art Biennale (2017). It’s a mythological allusion with three massive, ink-hued paintings — Raidne (2017), Thelxiepeia, and Leucosia (2016) — whose compositions are made up of hundreds of collaged permanent-wave end papers. The sculpture in the center called “Medusa” (2016).

Photo from theveniceinsider.com

Installation “Proper Time” by Lee Wan in the Korean Pavilion (2017). The white room is filled with clocks and a black faceless sculpture in a style of socialist monuments. Does that mean we are all defined by roles and time? Have we lost our true self? Contemporary art is all made of questions.

Hope we have inspired you to explore more of the universe of art and to visit Venice this year. Take photos of the black art pieces you will find there and send it to us on Instagram. We’ll share it with our DCB black lovers community. Please, feel free to comment down below what do you think about the artworks! We’ll be glad to discuss it.

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