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World Press Photo Of 2015; A Black And White One!

Already noticed the winning photo of the World Press Photo of 2015? It’s a intense black and white photo made by the Australian (freelance) photojournalist Warren Richardson (currently working in Eastern Europe).

About the photo

“I could barely see something. I made the photo by moonlight.”

Warren photographed this picture on the 28h of august last year around 3 o’clock in de morning, when a group of Syrian refugees tryed to pass the border in the neighbourhood of the Serbian place Horgoš. They wanted to go to the Hungarian village Röszke. Richardson made the photo from the Serbian side. The man who takes the child is on the Hungarian border.


“It was so dark. I couldn’t use a flashlight because there was a possibility that they would find us.”

According to foreman Francis Kohn, head photography by news agency AFP, the photo has a enormous attraction because of the simplicity of the image.

About the photographer

Warren RichardBorn in Australia in 1968, he is a self-taught photographer who undertakes long-term projects dealing with human and environmental issues, as well as assignments for newspapers, magazines and companies.

He has lived in Asia, the USA and Europe, and during a period in the UK and US he worked in celebrity photography. While working on the Serbian-Hungarian border in 2015, he was one of a group of journalists covering the refugee crisis who were beaten by police. His next project will see him walk to the Arctic Circle, to continue his refugee stories, and then explore the effects of human-induced climate change on the world. He lives by the proverb: “We have not inherited the land from our fathers, we have borrowed it from our children.”

More info about all the winners of the World Press Photo (2015) you can find here! 

An intense black and white photo by Warren Richardson. Winner of World Press Photo 2015.

Photo by Warren Richardson. Winner of World Press Photo 2015.

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